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Rapper Jim Jones’ 63-Year-Old Mother Nancy Jones Is Dating 25-Year-Old Mystery Man

Rapper Jim Jones' 63-Year-Old Mother Nancy Jones Is Dating 25-Year-Old Mystery Man

Rapper Jim Jones‘s mother, Nancy Jones has to be the wildest cougar presently. The 63-year-old posted an image of a 25-year-old man on her Instagram page, and when her followers inquired if the man is her grandson, she shamelessly confirmed that the mystery man is her lover.

As disgraceful and uncomfortable as that sounds, that is not the only thing wrong with Nancy Jones’ relationship. Rumor has it that the unknown man may be incarcerated because the background of the image Nancy posted is the same background images taken from New York City’s Riker’s Island prison.

Aside from the background, we cannot confirm if indeed the unknown man is presently in jail. But Mam Jones has taken over from Cher as the most desperate cougar ever.

Media Take Out Reports;

Jim Jones’ mother, Mama Jones, who starred on multiple VH1 reality shows has a new man in her life. Media Take Out learned that the beautiful senior citizen is now dating a 25 year old man from New York City.

Mama Jones posted a photo of her new bae on Instagram yesterday, and had her fans and followers in shock. But what may be most bizarre is the background of the image. It’s the same background used in photos taken by visitors at New York City’s Riker’s Island prison.

Media Take Out has not been able to confirm whether the young man in the photo is currently incarcerated.

Mama Jones appeared on VH1’s TV-Show Love & Hip Hop: New York as a businesswoman, youth advocate, and mentor. She later starred in her own reality show, Chrissy & Mr. Jones. Her real name is Nancy Jones.

Mama Jones experimented in a variety of professions, including music – with the release of a single called “Psychotic.” She also launched a talk show called Chatt’n With Mama, and published a book entitled “Reality Star Mama Jones: My Guide to Love and Romance.”

Jim Jones is 46 years old, and her mother is dating someone twice younger as him. These toyboy and cougar relationships are more disgusting than we care to admit.

Here is a photo of cougar Nancy Jones and her mystery toyboy:

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