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Rapper Future’s 10th Baby Mama, Krazy K, Says He Stopped Paying Child Support After She Stopped Eating His A-s Out

Rapper Future's Alleged 10th Baby Mama, Krazy K, Says He Stopped Paying Child Support After She Stopped Eating His A-s Out

Future‘s 10th baby mama Crazy K says she’s done eating the rapper’s a** (Literally). According to Crazy K, “eating groceries” was an integral part of their relationship especially when she was depending hugely on Future for financial aid. But since she has a kid with the rapper and can opt for child support instead of eating a**, that sh-t ceases!

Crazy K just like the other numerous Future baby mamas is also an Instagram model, and Almost all of them have 2 things in common, money-hungry and desperation for attention. Because of these two factors, these ladies put up with Future’s alleged a** eating fetish but eventually, they all opt out when they have a kid, and child support comes into the picture. Why eat a** when you can get the same cash from child support huh?

Crazy K just like the others has secured the bag with her kid hence opting out. But Future is not letting her go so easily by refusing to pay child support. Crazy K, knowing that Future hates social media drama, is dragging the rapper on her Instagram and further threatening to sue him. It is always drama when it comes to Future and his Instagram attention-seeking b-tches!

TGS’s writer Bella also has this to share about Future’s baby mama Krazy K:

Rapper Future‘s 10th baby mama is called Krazy K and she’s a crazy b-tch! According to her, she has been eating Future’s a-s out throughout their relationship and when she stopped performing that disgusting act on him, he stopped paying child support.

Krazy K says that she eats a-s and Future isn’t going to be the last person she will perform the s-xual act on. Meaning, every d*** she gets, she will eat the person’s a-s out.

I’m sure by now, lots of h-rny men are in her DM hitting on her to get their dirty a-ses eaten out by Krazy K aka crazy b-tch!

Media Take Out reports;

Hip hop superstar, Future, most recent baby’s mother is claiming that the rapper suddenly stopped paying her child support, after she refused to eat his “groceries”.

Future grew up and lives in Atlanta – the city where men often require the woman in their lives to perform unorthodox acts – like eating groceries.

And “grocery eating” was an integral part of his relationship with his latest baby’s mother, who goes by the name Krazy K on Instagram.

She claims that she and Future had a healthy and loving relationship, throughout her pregnancy, and that Future was financially generous to her. The woman claims she’s invested the money Future provided, and is now in a healthy financial position.

But she says that recently their relationship turned toxic and she decided to leave. But Media Take Out learned that – according to Crazy K – Future got really upset when she no longer performed that taboo intimate act on him.

She claims that once she stopped eating the rapper’s hole … he cut off the child support. Crazy K, who is Future’s reported 10th babys mama, now claims that she’s taking the rapper to court.

Here is Future’s 10th baby mama acting like the b-tch that she is:

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