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Rapper Future Throws A Live S*x Themed Birthday Party And Drake Was Never Missing In Action

Rapper Future Threw A Live S*x Themed Birthday Party And Drake Was Never Missing In Action

Wherever there are pretty women, mostly models, and strippers, then you know rapper Drake is present, if you do not see him there, then he’s probably hiding somewhere at the VIP section.

Rapper Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn aka Future turned 38 years old yesterday, November 2021, and to make this birthday a memorable one, he had to throw a live s*x themed birthday party where a lot of pretty girls, mostly models and strippers were present to entertain guests including Drake and others.

The videos from rapper Future’s live s*x themed birthday party are all over the internet and whilst some religious folks and moralists are bashing him for throwing such a messy birthday party, others are happy since they’ve got something from Future and Drake to entertain themselves for the night.

From MTO News:

“According to our insiders Future threw the party at a private club in Atlanta, and most of the women at the event were either scantily dressed, or full on nude.

The party was extremely well attended, with many Atlanta celebrities in attendance. And the freakiness was all out in the open.¬†Also in attendance was Future’s bestie Drake.

The videos are plus 18 and we cannot share them here but you could land on these videos with a search on Twitter. They are all over the bird app!