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Rapper Flo Rida Wins $82 Million Lawsuit Against Celsius Energy Drink But Refuses To Take The Money

Rapper Flo Rida Wins $82 Million Lawsuit Against Celsius Energy Drink But Refuses To Take The Money

Rapper Flo Rida just had the biggest win of his life, and it has nothing to do with his Hip-Hop career but with a brand, he cares about dearly. The 43-year-old sued Celsius beverage company for discarding and stiffing him of his compensation after he worked hard to popularize the brand.

Flo sued Celsius energy drink for deliberately hiding info from him, stiffing, and also dumping him right when the company is at its peak. And he just won the case with a whopping $82 million compensation.

Yes, the oldy just won more money than his entire net worth, and all thanks to shady deals by the Celsius energy drink company. And we couldn’t be happier. However, Flo did not go through the troubles for the cash, he loves the product and wants to be part of the company despite their silliness, so he is letting go of the money.

So, Flo just wants the 1% ownership deal they promised and the stocks and not the $85 million awarded to him by the court.

Media Take Out Reports;

Florida rapper Flo Rida was awarded $82 million in his lawsuit against Celsius energy drinks after a jury found Celsius guilty of breaching an endorsement deal.

The endorsement deal with the rapper ran from 2014 to 2018. Celsius did not pay him the money they owed him at the time and the energy drink was also found guilty of fraudulently hiding information from him.

“Basically, I helped birth this company, and all we was looking for was some trustworthy people who acted as if they were family,” he told The Associated Press. “And then when it comes down to the success of today, they just forgot about me.”

Attorney John Uustal said Flo Rida wants the 1% ownership he was promised and is open to accepting the stock instead of the money.

“He (Dillard) loved the product, and it’s been a very successful four-year relationship,” Uustal said. “There were some benchmarks. He was supposed to get stock when certain things happened. And there became a dispute about whether those benchmarks had been reached. So that’s what this was about.”

Well, Celsius energy drink clearly will not mess with Flo Rida again, or they will get the whole company awarded to Rida.

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