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Rapper Flavor Flav Captured Arguing In Public With One Of His Baby Mamas And Calling Her “A Gold Digger”

Flavor Flav Captured Arguing In Public With One Of His Baby Mamas And Called Her "A Gold Digger"

63-year-old rapper Flavor Flav has no money to spend on his baby mamas as he was seen creating a scene while spending time with one of his eight kids and baby mama. The oldie flew to go spend some time with his youngest kid but was raging when his baby mama tagged along.

Flavor Flav was seen in a viral video exchanging words with his baby mama. The oldie considers that particular baby mama to be the worst of all the other three.

He further called her a gold digger and declared he is currently broke, so he just needs some time with his kid and not the baby mama’s desperate a**.

Flavor Flav has been in numerous run-ins with the law but tried to have a healthy relationship with his kids. And it appears he can’t afford the young baby mama’s lifestyle anymore, and that is a huge problem.

Media Take Out Reports;

A video of Flavor Flav disrespecting the mother of his young son has leaked online.

In the clip, Flav is upset that she wanted to go with him on a shopping trip he had planned for him and his son.

“I got on a plane, I flew all the way here so I could spend time with my kid, to take my kid shopping. And you’re going to do this?”

Kate Gammell responds, telling him she told him she would be going with him and that she would not allow her son to go on the trip without her being with them.

“Keep me off of f-ckin’ TMZ you muthafucka. Fuck that. Let me tell you something. The sh-t that you do to me, none of my children’s mothers ever did this sh-t to me,” he says.

He continues, “You’re a f-cking gold-digging bitch. You’re a fucking gold-digger, man. Keep digging for what ain’t there, Kate. I’m broke. Just know that I’m broke. Just remember that.”

Flavor Flav can’t stand his millennial baby mama, dude is fed up and screaming in public. Lol, b-tch f***ed you because of the money why do you want to starve her now?

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