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Ralph Pittman Was Jealous Of His Estranged Wife Drew Sidora’s Relationship With Lesbian WNBA Star Ty Young

Ralph Pittman Was Jealous Of His Estranged Wife Drew Sidora's Relationship With Lesbian NBA Star Ty Young

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora and husband Ralph Pittman‘s divorce is getting ridiculously hilarious.

While Drew Sidora’s supposed reasons for filing for divorce are cheating, abuse, and financial mismanagement, insiders say Pittman’s reason is that Drew became too close to lesbian WNBA player Ty Young, and Pittman was too jealous to allow their relationship. I mean, in this case, Ty Young can actually boff Drew, so it is a genuine concern.

So Drew thought Ralph was cheating with other women while Ralph believed Drew was boffing a lesbian, interesting. No wonder both filed for divorce on the same day; they truly had irreconcilable differences.

Via Media Take Out;

We got some pretty SCANDALOUS tea surrounding the VERY messy divorce between Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora and her husband Ralph Pittman.

Yesterday, as we reported, Drew and Ralph both filed to divorce each other. Drew claims in divorce documents that Ralph frequently cheated during their marriage. She also claims that Ralph allegedly got physical with her recently, and that caused her filing to end their marriage.

But what’s Ralph’s side of the story? Why did he file for divorce?

Well Media Take Out spoke with a person close to the couple who told us that they believe that Ralph may have been jealous of Drew’s close friendship with Ty Young, a female Basketball star who was in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Ty is best known for being the former fiancé to Mimi Faust, another Love & Hip Hop star.

According to the insider, Drew and Ty developed quite a friendship in recent months. And the insider claim that they witnessed one interaction between Ty and Drew, and observed Ralph’s reaction to the two ladies.

The insider told Media Take Out, “Drew was showing a lot of attention to Ty, and she basically ignored her husband [Ralph]. And you can see on Ralph’s face that he was upset.”

The insider added, “It’s not like Drew was [getting close] with a pretty woman, maybe Ralph could have accepted that.”

“That’s a whole n**ga that Drew was [close] with,” the insider continued.

Media Take Out did not see any evidence that Drew’s relationship with Ty is anything more than a platonic friendship, but according to sources..Ralph feels differently.

We did, however, confirm through multiple independent sources, that the two women have been spotted looking very chummy at events around the city.

Either way, both Pittman and Drew will get to move on with their supposed side pieces after their divorce. It is their children who will suffer because of their parent’s selfish actions.

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