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R. Kelly Accuses Blogger Tasha K Of Sharing His Private Info Illegally

R. Kelly Accuses Blogger Tasha K Of Sharing His Private Info Illegally

R. Kelly continues to speak up while serving his 30 years of jail time. Presently, he is accusing Tasha K of accessing and sharing emails and phone conversations illegally obtained by authorities. Yes, the very Tasha K that was sued by Cardi B for defamation and currently owes her $4 million.

According to Kelly, Tasha K and his ex-girlfriends ganged up against him and exposed information illegally obtained from some prison officers and that hurt his case badly. Seeing how determined Kelly is to overturn his conviction, he may sue Tasha K. Kelly claims his private conversations were obtained illegally by authorities and sold to Tasha K and that information ended up messing up his case. So authorities tampered with his evidence and allegedly sold it.

As expected, Kelly is doing terribly in the prison and according to him, his three girlfriends discovered he was messing with them and messed him up.

Via VladTV;

Yung Joc starts this full-length interview off by surprising the interviewer, Shawn Prez, with a cameo appearance from the mascot of the Atlanta Hawks, Harry the Hawk.

After Harry the Hawk departs, the two men get serious as Yung Joc shares his thoughts on the criminal trial involving Megan Thee Stallion and the defendant, Tory Lanez.

They talk about the sexual exploits of the case and the entertainment value of it all before outlining the seriousness of what’s at stake. Moving along, Yung Joc shares his thoughts on the controversy surrounding Kanye West before talking about the Chicago rapper’s recent exchange with Meek Mill on social media.

From there, he talks about being the victim of a scam where a real estate attorney pretended to be a defense attorney and how it almost landed him back in behind bars.

Lastly, he talks about parenthood, and the recent season of Love & Hip Hop, before sharing his thoughts on Chuck D’s desire to have the N-Word banned.

So, the private information illegally obtained by authorities, were they in any form part of the crimes he has been convicted of? If yes, then he has the right to sue Tasha K and the alleged officers for tampering with evidence while he keeps quiet and serves time for the crimes he also committed.

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