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Quavo’s Uneasy To Lose Migos Diamond Chain After He Lost $100K In Dice Game Allegedly Led To Takeoff’s Tragic Murder

Quavo's Uneasy To Lose Migos Diamond Chain After He Lost $100K In Dice Game Allegedly Led To Takeoff's Tragic Murder

So the tragic murder of 28-year-old talented rapper Takeoff is a result of careless and insensitive acts of grown men, who are supposed to know better.

According to reports by an eyewitness, Quavo and Takeoff were present at the dice game when the unfortunate happened. Reports say Quavo lost $100K in the game and in an attempt to redeem that amount, he opted to bet his Migos diamond chain.

At that point, he was determined to win, so he resorted to questioning his opponent’s style of rolling. This altercation got chaotic to the point where guns got involved.

All this while, Takeoff was not involved in either the game or the chaos. But as sh-tty as life is, the 28-year-old got his precious life cut off in this ridiculous way while those involved in the chaos live.

Why black folks take guns to game centers and parties is a mystery. Day in and day out, black rappers continue to lose their lives in silly instances such as this. And it continues to happen, till when will they come to their senses and start acting like humans?

How large do they want the numbers to get before they act sane?

Media Take Out Reports;

Media Take Out got some more disturbing details surrounding the murder of Migos member, Takeoff.

According to a person who was at the scene, Quavo was involved in a dice game with a group of men. During the game, Quavo lost a lot of money – about $100,000.

The witness told Media Take Out, “Quavo was down about $100 [thousand] and tried to win it back. He didn’t have any more cash on him, so they were rolling for [Quavo’s] diamond [chains].”

What happened next wasn’t clear. Before the final roll was completed, Quavo and the man began arguing over how the man was rolling.

The witness explained, “All of a sudden Quavo turned up, and everyone started arguing.”

Media Take Out confirmed that multiple guns were pulled, on both sides and shots rang out. Online speculation was that Takeoff was hit accidentally, by friendly fire – but our witness could neither confirm or deny it.

The witness continued, “Guns came out and people started shooting. I don’t know who fired [the bullet that killed Takeoff]. I don’t know that anyone knows. People just started running, and it was [chaos].”

Houston police confirmed that Takeoff was hit with multiple bullets, one fatally in the head. By all accounts, Takeoff was neither involved in the dice game, nor in the argument that ensued afterwards.

Takeoff was an extremely talented rapper. He was best known as a member of the hip hop trio Migos along with his uncle Quavo and first cousin once removed, Offset. The Migos changed hip hop with their debut 2013 hit “Versace” that went viral and peaked at number 99 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Takeoff loved music and started making beats and developing rhythms in the seventh grade, but did not start producing music professionally until 2011.

This is gruesome but the fact that we are likely to hear more of such tragic news makes it saddening. When will they stop these animalistic behaviors?

May Takeoff’s soul rest well!

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