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Quavo Allegedly Punched Offset At The Backstage Of The Grammys Before His Tribute Performance

Quavo Allegedly Punched Offset At The Backstage Of The Grammys Before His Tribute Performance

Rumors are flying around that Quavo and Offset got into it backstage before Quavo stepped onto the stage of the Grammys to perform his tribute song to slain Takeoff, ‘Without You.’ According to witnesses, the Grammys Board wanted Offset on stage with his estranged brother Quavo. But Quavo refused and when Offset insisted he punched him.

The Migos trio, made up of Quavo, Offset, and the late Takeoff, split due to alleged wh-re issues. Offset went his separate ways while Quavo and his late nephew maintained the brand.

After Takeoff was murdered, Quavo and Offset were rumored to let sleeping dogs lie and form a duo in memory of Takeoff. Well, they have not released any song together, and the first time they’ve been seen together in public, there was chaos, with one person getting punched.

The two performing on the Grammys would have been a good start for a massive comeback. But I guess it was a clout-chasing move, and Quavo was not in on that sh-t.

Via Media Take Out;

There was some CRAZY drama backstage at yesterday’s Grammys. According to multiple social media reports, Quavo reportedly punched Offset, Media Take Out is hearing.

TMZ is reporting that before Quavo took the stage to perform his song “Without You” – which is a tribute to Takeoff , he and Offset got into a “physical fight” and had to be pulled apart.

And they are not alone. One celebrity stylist told Twitter followers that “Quavo punched Offset.”

According to TMZ, The Grammys had asked Offset to be a part of the tribute, but Quavo refused to let him take part. They say that Offset tried to push his way onto the stage, and Quavo reportedly stacked Offset.

Quavo and Offset have been feuding for months, since the breakup of their group The Migos. Word on the street is that ever since marrying his wife Cardi B, he’s been slowly pulling away from the group.

According to Offset, he never had issues with his brother neither was he punched. But multiple sources claim he was indeed hit by his brother during the misunderstanding. Will the Quavo and Offset patch-up ever happen?

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