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Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran Claims He Has Cure For Deadly Coronavirus

Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran Claims He Has Cure For Deadly Coronavirus

On the back of the spread of deadly coronavirus in Ghana, Ghanaian self-proclaimed prophet, Cosmos Walker Affran, claims he finally has a cure for the virus.

So far, 6 cases have been recorded in Ghana and from the look of things, the number is likely to skyrocket since our borders are still widely opened.

Coronavirus is staring in the faces of Ghanaians and scaring the hell out of them looking at how porous the health system in Ghana is.

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Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran on his Facebook page claims he has finally found the cure for coronavirus through God’s revelation.

According to him, the cure for coronavirus is drinking a cup of seawater and rubbing some inside one’s nose.

Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran wrote; “The Cure and the Prevention .

Now God has permited me to disclose the cure and prevention to it.

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God has worn me not to mention the name so i will not state or mention the name in this post but you know what am talking about .

The cure to it and prevention to it, get yourself a clean sea water ,after getting the sea water drink a half cup of the sea water so it will get into your system and after you have taken it, use some of the sea water to rob your body down to up but make sure you use one of your finger into the sea water then you rob it inside of your two nose .
Safe and cured.

“Thou saith the Lord ” Prophecy by
Prophet Cosmos Walker Affran”.

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