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Prison Image Of Tory Lanez Surfaces Online

Pregnant Woman Krisha Sues Rapper Tory Lanez Over Alleged Hit And Run

A prison image of Tory Lanez surfaced online and folks say he looks rather okay instead of miserable as we expected. Tory was arrested in December after he was found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion. Just like Tory was confident he would win the first trial, he is optimistic about the appeal as well. Hence his good looks in the viral prison image.

Meanwhile, just like the first case ended, there’s a high chance he may suffer the same fate. But his new legal team believes otherwise and thinks Tory has a greater chance going forward and I can’t be poised for the future of this case.

Via VladTV;

While news headlines show that Tory Lanez’s new legal team is burning the midnight oil in order to appeal his conviction and possibly be granted a new trial, the fact remains that Tory is still in police custody in the meantime. 

Tory’s mugshot surfaced on Wednesday showing the Canadian native cracking a smile. Instagram users complimented Tory on the crispness of his hairline while others said he’s smiling as if he knows he’s going to overturn the conviction. Regardless of appearing to be in good spirits in his mugshot, Tory has a daunting uphill legal battle ahead of him. 

Tory Lanez’s new legal team has been able to reschedule his conviction set for January 27 to February 28, so they can prepare and litigate the just-ended trial for a new one. And that’s enough motivation to be snapping fly pictures in prison and not look as luckless as Andrew Tate.

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