Princess Shyngle’s Fiancé, Frederic Badji, Has Been Jailed In The US For Credit Card Fraud

Princess Shyngle's Boyfriend, Frederic Badji Says His Wildest Dream Was To Date A Star Like Her
Princess Shyngle & fiancé

Princess Shyngle has confirmed that her fiancé, Frederic Badji, has been jailed in the United States and that she is going through hell to pay the bills and take care of herself.

Apparently, Frederic Badji, left Princess Shyngle with nothing, not even a Cent to take care of their unborn baby and herself so she is currently struggling in the United States and trying to make some money on YouTube with some cooked up stories about herself.

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The truth is that even before Princess Shyngle met Frederic Badji, he was battling with the US Law Enforcement over credit fraud and it’s obvious that he never told her when they met.

Princess Shyngle, the drama queen, says she is pregnant for her jailed fiancé and that she is confused and doesn’t know what to do so she is selling her cooked up stories on YouTube for money and trust me, she is doing well with those stories on YouTube.

On April 1, 2020, which was April Fools Day (a special day set aside to celebrate and make fun of fools), one dude with Instagram username, Specialspesh, challenged her that her fiancé hasn’t been jailed and that she just wants to fool her followers on Instagram.

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Princess Shyngle wanting to prove to the world that Frederic Badji has been jailed, disclosed the name of the US correctional centre Frederic was sent to after he was found guilty.

Princess Shyngle replied to Specialspesh that; “Essex County Correctional Facility Newark, New Jersey and ask if they have any inmate there by the name Frederic Badji. Come back and let us if I’m doing April fools or not” and then added a crying emoji.

Princess Shyngle may be telling lies for YouTube views because there is a mugshot of Frederic Badji indicating that he has been jailed. Somewhere in 2019, there was a publication on Frederic Badji’s credit card fraud case on US Attorney’s website but it’s currently no more on the internet.

Princess Shyngle is capable of doing anything just for Instagram likes and comments and lying isn’t that big for her mouth.

Check the screenshot and video below…