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Princess Shyngle Shakes The BIG Table; Names Joselyn Dumas & All Celebrities With Fake Butts

Princess Shyngle Shakes The BIG Table; Names Joselyn Dumas & All Celebrities With Fake Buttocks

Princess Shyngle has launched a gossip blog on Instagram─and from the look of things, it’s going to be messy in the coming days as she is bent on dropping deep secrets about her fellow celebrities.

I thought the gossip page @Princess Shyngle’s Blog was fake but after checking on her Instagram stories, I realised it is not a fake gossip page looking at how she is promoting it on her Instagram stories and asking her followers to visit the page for juicier gossips about celebrities.

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Princess Shyngle is shaking a big table and celebrities such Joselyn Dumas, Moesha Buduong and others will definitely come hard at her for exposing them.

Princess Shyngle has dropped her first bombshell featuring actress Joselyn Dumas and others who claim their mountainous ‘behinds’ are natural.

According to Princess Shyngle’s Blog, Joselyn Dumas’ curvy shape is never natural as she claims, rather, she got it through surgical means.

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She posted “before and after” photo of Joselyn Dumas and wrote;

“This our fine aunty is also claiming real body oh 🤣😂 I am not understanding 🤷🏾‍♀️ anyways let us just close our eyes and believe her 😂🤣 she just slept and woke up transformed 😂😂 she’s very beautiful sha 😍🥰”.

Princess Shyngle did not name Joselyn Dumas only, Nigerian actresses, Daniella Okeke and Chika Ike─and Peace Hyde were all featured in her first bombshell.

The funny thing is that she featured herself too.

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