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Princess Shyngle Posts A Video Of All Side chicks Of Her Boyfriend Who Discouraged Her From Dating Him

Princess Shyngle Posts A Video Of All Her Boyfriend's Side chicks Who Discouraged Her From Dating Him

Drama queen, Princess Shyngle, has finally succeeded in dragging her fans and followers to her YouTube channel and trust me, she is doing well looking at the views she’s getting on her “Discover Princess Shyngle” videos.

Princess Shyngle is about to make some legitimate money on the internet for the first time. You know she used to make cash online by serving her raw body to rich dudes right?

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In her 3rd Episode of “Discovering Princess Shyngle”, she exposed and released screenshots of messages from all the side chicks of her boyfriend, Frederic Badji, who badmouthed him and discouraged her from dating him.

According to Princess Shyngle, she was told a lot of bad stuff about Frederic Badji but she never listened to them and got hooked up with him in the name of love.

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Princess Shyngle also revealed and confirmed that she is pregnant, confused and sad because she is going through hell.

Since this drama is coming from the drama queen herself, a lot of her Instagram followers do not believe whatever she is revealing about herself. They think she is doing it for YouTube views and Instagram followers.

Watch the video below…

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