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Princess Shyngle Confirms Her New Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her

Instagram model and actress, Princess Shyngle has been flaunting her new boyfriend without showing her face on Instagram for some time with an obvious reason that other Instagram models and slay queens might snatch him.

Princess Shyngle even though hasn’t shown his new boyfriend’s face on Instagram but according to her, he is cheating on her.

A man will cheat if he wants to even if you hide him in your damn ‘hole’, someone should blow this trumpet loud in the ears of Princess Shyngle.

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Well, Princess Shyngle confirmed this with her comment on Juliet Ibrahim’s interview with Delay on the “Delay” show about how she caught her ex-boyfriend, Iceberg Slim, cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend.

Princess Shyngle’s comments which is a confirmation that her new boyfriend who’s based in the United States is cheating on her reads:

“Men!! Same shit I’m going through”. Will Princess Shyngle dump him as Juliet Ibrahim dumped Iceberg Slim or she will stay?


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