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Princess Shyngle Claims She Rejected $80,000 From A Rich Dude For A One-night Stand─Does She Even Deserve $1k?

Princess Shyngle Claims, She Rejected $80,000 From A Rich Dude For A One-night Stand─But Does She Deserve Even $1k?

Princess Shyngle has kept these screenshots of framed up chats with some men offering her huge cash as much as $80,000 for a one-night stand──of which she refused according to the chats posted on her Instagram page.

This is the second time Princess Shyngle is posting such screenshots on Instagram and it’s all geared towards getting needless attention from her followers.

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These screenshots are just framed up for attention because who in his right mind would offer $80,000 for something he can actually get for free with just a phone call?

It’s only an insane man who will offer a whopping $80,000 to a famewhore such as Princess Shyngle for a one-night stand when just $1,000 could extend it to 2 or 3 nights with the same Princess Shyngle.

In the second framed-up screenshot, another dude also offered £25,000 for a week-long encounter of which she rejected with an excuse that she is not interested.

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Princess Shyngle would have agreed if these guys had come down to her level and offered something like $1,000 for her services which she gladly provided free for footballer Michael Essien and rapper DBlack.

Swipe to the right to read all the framed-up chats.

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