Pretty University Of Ghana Level 400 Student, Yvonne, Mysteriously Dies

UG Level 400 Student, Yvonne

A pretty young Ghanaian lady, Yvonne, a level 400 student at the University of Ghana, Legon, has lost her life mysteriously.

What led to her sudden death still remains a mystery to the many who know her personally but from a screenshot of a WhatsApp chat, she was pushed by a colleague during a struggle to pick a shuttle after lectures.

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One Facebook user MC Mike Shanti who knows her shared the sad story on his Facebook timeline.

He posted Yvonne’s photo and wrote: “When i heard dis girl was dead erh I’ve become basaa since morning till now mpo😢😢😢😢😢😢😢.Oh oh oh….Used to watch her status every single day.Although she wasn’t my buddy buh she was really a lively person😢😢. Level 400 student at Legon oo😢😢…..RIP”.

The majority of Facebook users who do not know her have lamented over her sudden death.