Popular Ghanaian Lesbian, Dorcas, Reveals How She Impregnated Her Lesbian Wife, Linda

Popular Ghanaian UK-based Lesbian, DeeLyn, Impregnates Her Partner And Expecting Their First Child
Dorcas & Linda

Popular Ghanaian UK-based lesbian, Dorcas, who flooded social media with baby bump photos of her lesbian wife, Linda has revealed how she got her pregnant.

Dorcas narrating how she got her lesbian wife, Lina pregnant wrote;

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“I know the day the universe decided to bless us with these babies ,it was a beautiful clear Night , After we Made Love ,we went to stand by our bedroom window with Lyn wrapped in my Arms, Noticing that it was full moon ,I made a Wish, not knowing Lyn had made hers too ,it was a night filled with Love and Joy ,Lyn told me she had made a Wish and I replied me too ,Then we both spoke out exactly how many babies we wanted ,giggled ,joked and laughed about other things ,at that particular moment ,our Mind ,Body ,soul ,Spirit ,Energy and Heart Desire were all focused on what we asked the universe for and IT heard US ,I’m 100% sure ,it was that Night our Heart Desire came Alive ,Bcos I had given up But Lyn was Determined to give me a Baby knowing very well what I went through in my last Relationship ,she insisted we try again ,I was not willing but with her persistent I decided to give it one last Try And well it was the Best Decision I ever made ,I Love you Lyn ,you are the best thing that has ever happen to me and I’m forever Grateful, where you will go ,I will go ,where you will sit I will sit ,if you shout I shout ,so you better not die before your time bcos I will follow ,To say I Love you is even an understatement But I live to prove to you till the day I will Die 😊😍❤🌈🌈 #Dee k3 #Lyn #4Lyf ❤”.

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Even though Dorcas never made mention of getting Linda pregnant through Artificial Insemination or In Vitro Fertilisation (IVS) but it’s obvious that they resorted to one of these scientific methods for their yet-to-be-born child.