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Plumber Discovers Bags Of Cash And Checks In Bathroom Of Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church And It’s Linked To The Stolen $600K In 2014

Plumber Discovers Bags Of Cash And Checks In Bathroom Of Joel Osteen's Lakewood And It's Linked To The Church's Stolen $600K In 2014

I’ve stopped being overly religious even though I believe there is a supreme being who put the heavens, the earth, and the entire universe in place but hey, these self-proclaimed men of God keep deceiving gullible Christians and milking thousands of dollars off them—in the name of prosperity and whatever.

When it comes to money, don’t trust anyone, including these so-called men of God. The majority of them are scammers in cassock and they’ve built strong connections with powerful politicians and those in power to cover their fraudulent activities.

Joel Scott Osteen is one of the powerful self-called men of God in the world who obviously amassed his wealth through the billion-dollar industry, Christianity and he’s not done yet with enriching himself through Christianity.

Now, Joel Osteen is in the news for the millionth time after a plumber who was hired to work on one of the toilets in his church found a stash of cash and checks in the walls—which have been linked to the 2014 heist that saw a whopping $600K going missing.

These men of God are capable of anything and I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes out that Joel Osteen is part of some money laundering cartel.

From The Daily Mail:

Authorities in Houston confirmed Friday that a series of checks and cash found by a plumber in the wall of megachurch pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church are connected to a 2014 heist when $600,000 went missing. The Houston Police Department (HPD) posted a statement about the investigation, launched after a plumber who worked at the church called into a Houston radio morning show on 100.3 The Bull to tell them about his shocking discovery. ‘Evidence from the recovered checks suggests this November case is connected to a March 9, 2014 theft report of undisclosed amounts of money at the church,’ the HPD said. The revelation comes seven years after about $600,000 in donations was stolen and haven’t been recovered. Police said that they were called to the church for a report of property discovered in the building on November 10 at about 2:30pm.

They claimed church members told them during a renovation project, the money was found inside a wall. ‘Burglary and theft officers responded and began investigating,’ the statement read. ‘An undisclosed amount of money was inventoried, documented and left in the custody of Lakewood Church since it was property found on the premises.’ They confirmed that the money is connected to the 2014 heist and added the investigation is ongoing. The plumber, who only gave his first name, Justin, detailed what he found in the wall to the radio show Thursday morning. Justin was called in to America’s largest church, Lakewood Church, on November 10 to fix a broken toilet, he said during the radio interview.

‘There was a loose toilet in the wall, and we removed the tile,’ he explained during the call Thursday morning. ‘We went to go remove the toilet, and I moved some insulation away and about 500 envelopes fell out of the wall, and I was like ‘Oh wow!” He said hundreds of envelopes were filled with cash and checks. Houston police confirmed to Thursday that cash and checks were found in the wall, and that they talked to ‘everybody associated with the building’ they were able to contact. In 2014, $600,000 worth of donations were stolen from the church. The amount was just a portion of donations made from one weekend of services and it has never been found.

The Police are still investigating and don’t be surprised if it comes out that Joel Osteen knew about the stash of cash and checks in the walls of the toilet in his mega-church. He’s a powerful man of God and highly connected so let’s see what happens after the investigation.

Listen to the shocking audio revelation by the plumber.

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