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#PillowChallenge Hits Social Media! All Thanks To Coronavirus, Locked-down And Boredom

#PillowChallenge Hits Social Media Amidst Coronavirus Locked down Boredom

The majority of people in the world are bored as a result of deadly coronavirus which has compelled governments to restrict the movement of citizens depending on how serious it is in one’s country.

TikTok is now the social media App healing the majority especially celebrities of boredom. You log on to Instagram and all you see are funny TikTok videos.

Now, as a result of boredom, another social media challenge #PillowChallenge has hit the internet and it’s just crazy and going viral.

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The #PillowChallenge has taken over social media and it’s simple to do with no tutorials.

Just go naked, belt two pillows at the front part of your body and then take photos and flood social media.

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It’s currently happening on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Since people are bored in their homes, a lot of these challenges will flood the internet in the coming days.

Take a look at some photos from the #PillowChallenge below…

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