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PHOTOS: Ogidi Brown Signs New Artiste And Forces Him To Swear An Oath With A Bottle Of Schnapp & 3 Eggs

Ogidi Brown Signs New Artiste And Forces Him To Swear An Oath With A Bottle Of Schnapp & 3 Eggs?

Apparently, the CEO of OGB Record Label, Ogidi Brown has learned painful lessons after his artiste, Fameye dumped him a few months ago over monetary and some trashy reasons.

A few months after painfully parting ways with Fameye, Ogidi Brown has signed an underground artiste onto his OGB Label──and there is something very funny about the whole contract signing.


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Ogidi Brown should come out and explain to Ghanaians why there was a bottle of Schnapp and 3 eggs on the table during the signing of his new artiste?


We are told that this new underground artiste signed by Ogidi Brown hails from Koforidua and he is called Cryme Officer.

Is it that Ogidi Brown wants to avoid the Fameye kind of drama from happening the second time hence the bottle of Schnapp and 3 eggs for an oath of faithfulness?

I’m pretty sure the last clause in the contract goes like; “May the gods strike I, Cryme Officer down, should I leave OGB Label unlawfully or even think of parting ways with Ogidi Brown when I finally become a star”.


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Well, since the court of law does not deal with issues pertaining to spirituality or superstition, the above clause may have been removed from the contract──with Cryme Officer swearing with the bottle of Schnapp and 3 eggs to the gods after the signing of the official contract.

Ogidi Brown would have to explain to us the use of the bottle of Schnapp and 3 eggs during the signing of Cryme Officer.


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