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PHOTOS: Kontihene Involved In A Car Accident After A Woman Chased Him In His Dream

The Ghanaian US-based musician, Kontihene has been involved in a car accident.

According to the Hiplife musician on his Instagram page, he had a terrible dream of how a woman chased him─where he made it known to his pastors and prophets.


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They fasted and prayed and just 7 days after the fasting and prayer, a woman physically chased him on a highway and cut into his lane.


Read his full Instagram post below:

“I had a dream few days ago, I saw this woman that I know and she was chasing me in the dream with two others. This revelation came around 4 am – I quickly gave her name out to all the prophets that God has surround me with . We fast and wage a warfare prayers. Just 7 days after the fast a strange woman chased me physically on a highway and cut in my lane. I wasn’t moved nor scared…
I have escaped the fowler’s trap and the snare has been broken. Psalm 124:7 🔥🔥🔥. I declare and degree as a Oracle of God, on this day, I exchange her soul for the evil scheme she’s been plotting against my life #kingdom”.


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