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PHOTOS: Meet The African Couple Who Married With A Total Of 12 Guests

African couple marries with 12 guests

The pressure from family and friends to have a bigger and expensive wedding is real and the majority of couples have been trapped in huge debts because they yielded to pressure from family and friends.

Did you know that you can actually have a smaller wedding and still be happy in your marriage? Having a bigger and lavish wedding doesn’t guarantee the success of a marriage.

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In this article, the focus will be on a brave and decisive African couple who wedded with a total of 12 guests, yes, a total of 12 guests and it was beautiful.

With this kind of wedding, you save a lot of money to run the family affairs after the wedding ceremony and that’s what this couple decided on and achieved it.

Don’t allow family and friends to pressure you to have a lavish wedding which at the end will incur huge debts.

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There is nothing wrong having a lavish wedding but make sure you are financially grounded before taking such a decision.

Below are photos of the African couple who wedded with a total of 12 guests.

Swipe right to see all their beautiful wedding photos.

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