PHOTOS: Medikal Proves He’s The Richest Musician In Ghana By Spending A Whopping $61,135 On A Miami Cuban Necklace

PHOTOS: Medikal Spends A Whopping $61,135 On A Miami Cuban Necklace

Rapper Medikal aka El Chairmano has spent a colossal amount of $61,135 on a Miami Cuban necklace from Icebox Diamonds & Watches and the screenshots of the order are all over Twitter.

Medikal in recent times is spending a lot of cash on luxury and this raises questions about his sources of income.

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People doubt that his acquired luxury cars, clothes and other stuff weren’t from proceeds from his music so the big question is, what are his sources of income?

Medikal’s Miami Cuban link chain is worth $61,135 and it’s getting delivered on February 13, 2020.