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PHOTOS: Man Who Has Sold Yoghurt For 30 Years Gets Ghc10,000 From One Of The Kids Who Benefitted From His Free Yogurt Giveaway Years Ago

Yoghurt seller gets Ghc10,000 cash

A Ghanaian man based in the Central Region, Cape Coast has been gifted a whopping Ghc10,000 by one of the kids who benefitted from his free yoghurt giveaways many years ago.

According to information available to, this man has been selling yoghurt for 30 years in Cape Coast.

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In his day to day marketing of the yoghurt, he will stop by some kids playing in town and give them yoghurts for free.

One of the kids who benefitted from his free yoghurt surprised him with Ghc10,000 for his act of kindness towards him many years ago.

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