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PHOTOS: Gloria Sarfo Sparks Pregnancy Rumours With Her Protruded Belly On UTV

Gloria Sarfo Sparks Pregnancy Rumours With Her Protruded Belly On UTV

The majority of African women naturally develop big tummy when adulting which makes it difficult to identify pregnancy in most instances─-but for the experts in detecting pregnancies, they spot it even if it’s just 2 months old.

Actress and television personality, Gloria Sarfo appeared on UTV with a protruded belly─-which has sparked pregnancy rumours with many who watched the show on UTV asking whether she entered 2020 with pregnancy?

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A lot of questions came into mind when I saw Gloria Sarfo on UTV with Salma Mumin, Nikki Samonas, Sandra Ababio and other stars but since I’ve got no special eyes for detecting pregnancies, I’d rather shut the f** up than go overboard.

Well, it’s either Gloria Sarfo ate too many balls of kenkey which wasn’t well digested before appearing on UTV or she is one of the women naturally endowed with a big tummy.

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If it’s pregnancy then Hallelujah and congratulations to her!!!

To those of you who watched Gloria Sarfo on UTV some 30 minutes ago, what do you think about her protruded belly? Pregnancy or some undigested kenkey?

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