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PHOTO: Sister Derby’s Birthday Message To Medikal Will Give Fella Makafui A Heart Attack

Sister Derby's Sweet Birthday Message To Medikal Will Give Fella Makafui A Heart Attack

Sister Derby waited for Fella Makafui to celebrate her husband, Medikal, on his birthday before dropping a romantic message with a beautiful photo capable of making Mrs Precious Frimpong collapse.

Sister Derby hasn’t gotten over Medikal yet and from her birthday message to him, a drama is about to start between herself and Fella Makafui.

Fella Makafui’s heart is boiling if she has seen the beautiful photo of Sister Derby and Medikal with a romantic birthday message to him.

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Sister Derby kept it short on Medikal’s birthday. She posted a photo of themselves and wrote; “Happy Birthday my sweet ex 🍭.

It’s either Fella Makafui has been rushed to the hospital after seeing and reading the birthday message from Sister Derby or she’s preparing to drop a reply cautioning her to leave Medikal alone!

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Another drama will be started soon unless Fella Makafui has grown up and matured from her childish behaviour as she is now a married women.

Wait for Fella Makafui’s reply!

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