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PHOTO: Princess Shyngle Drops Evidence Indicating That Jaye Love’s Huge Behind Is FAKE

Princess Shyngle Drops Evidence Indicating That Jaye Love's Huge Behind Is FAKE

Gambian model and actress, Princess Shyngle who is bent on exposing female celebrities who have enhanced their behinds through surgical means has dropped a bombshell on Jaye Love─the woman who nearly collapsed the Kotoka International Airport with her mountainous behind.

Princess Shyngle has released a “before and after” photo of Jaye Love on her Instagram gossip page, The Tea Room Africa to rubbish her claims that her mountainous behind is natural.

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In the photo released on Princess Shyngle’s gossip page, it’s clear that Jaye Love lied to the people of Ghana about her big behind.

Princess Shyngle posted the photo on her gossip page and wrote;

“Time to spill some hot ☕️ So This aunty that has been causing traffic on the internet with the biggest a** in the planet has been lying to us all this while oh 🙆🏽‍♀️🤣😂 aunty said her a** is natural it’s a lie ooooh 🤣😂 look at her before picture chaiii 🤣😂 now I’m very curious who her doctor is, what did he put in that ass to make it big like that 🤷🏾‍♀️😂🤣😂”.

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Princess Shyngle says Jaye Love is a big liar for telling Ghanaians that her big behind is natural.

Princess Shyngle yesterday named Joselyn Dumas, Daniella Okeke, Chika Ike, herself and others as the celebrities with enhanced ‘behinds’.

Check before and after photo of Jaye Love below.

Princess Shyngle Drops Evidence Indicating That Jaye Love's Huge Behind Is FAKE
Before & After photo of Jaye Love

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