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PHOTO: Feminist Lydia Forson Heavily Trolled For Wearing A Lab Coat To Meet & Greet Cardi B

Social media trolls have put the blame on the doorstep of feminist, Lydia Forson over Cardi B’s refusal to show up during the “Meet & Greet” session at Kempinski hotel.

According to trolls, Lydia Forson wore a lab coat as if she was going for a science practical test and it’s funny after I saw Lydia Forson’s outfit for the “Meet & Greet” Cardi B.

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Lydia Forson is yet to respond to trolls who have descended on her on social media over her lab coat kind of outfit.

Some say they are shocked that feminist Lydia Forson of all people could stoop so low to line up at Kempinski hotel just to meet and greet 27-year-old Cardi B.

Photo of Lydia Forson wearing a lab coat kind of outfit is currently trending on social media with funny captions─and she has also been nicknamed, “Lydia Einstein”.

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