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PHOTO: A Ghc100 Note Can Get You This Plate Of ‘Local Rice’ Served Hot By Fantana

Ghc100 Can Get You This Plate Of 'Local Rice' Served Hot By Fantana

Rufftown Records’ Fantana has stroke a pose which happens to be one of the favourite poses of men on her Instagram page and I’m wondering how much can one pay to get served with this kind of pose?

Fantana claims to be an expensive girl and doesn’t play around with broke guys so at least the recently introduced Ghc100 note can get a dude the plate of ‘local rice’ she has served on Instagram.

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On a more serious note, Fantana is not a serious lady and shouldn’t be taken seriously by serious men.

How can you be crying to be single for too long and keep rejecting the numerous men asking you out on a date in your DMs?

Remember, a few days ago, Fantana was all over the place crying of being single which she described as disrespect to her persona.

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But in her latest Instagram caption, she threatened to screenshot her DMs and de-single all the women whose men are asking her out in her DM should she remain single on Valentine’s Day.

She hopped on Instagram, served it hot and wrote; “if i’m still single by Valentine’s Day, I’m going to screenshot my DM’s and we will all be single 😊 #AhMiDhat #FantanaArmy”.

Ghc100 Can Get You This Plate Of 'Local Rice' Served Hot By Fantana

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