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Pete Davidson Drives Off Leaving His Attention-seeking Girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski Stranded After She Tipped Paparazzi About Their Date

Pete Davidson And Emily Ratajkowski Confirm Dating Rumors With Heavy PDAs Days After Sparking Speculations

Looks like Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski‘s romance will end faster than Liz Truss’s political career. Pete and EmRata confirmed their relationship last week after celebrating Pete’s birthday in matching outfits and enormous PDAs. However, the affair appears to be clout-chasing escapades for Emily while Pete is love-struck.

After Pete’s birthday, EmRata released a video claiming she fancies a relationship with multiple men and women. Well, netizens are concerned about how the 31-year-old is using Pete Davidson for rebound and also for clouts.

To further confirm these claims, a dinner between Pete and EmRata over the weekend was cut short when Pete arrived and realized the venue was flooded with paparazzi, tipped by Emily.

Unimaginably, Pete was not the sweet baby boy with a big d*** you can play with and drove off without meeting or picking her up. Emily the poseur was left helpless at the venue and left by uber minutes after.

Via Media Take Out;

Pete Davidson is dating former model Emily Ratajkowski, a socialite who is known for using Kardashian-like tactics to gain notoriety with the paparazzi.

Yesterday Pete appeared to do the unthinkable. Kim Kardashian’s ex left Emily stranded, after she called the paparazzi to get pictures of the two on a date, Media Take Out has learned.

Earlier this week, news of Davidson and Ratajkowski’s relationship picked up after the “Saturday Night Live” alum reportedly spent his 29th birthday with the model on Wednesday.

They were also recently seen embracing in New York while wearing matching outfits. The duo both rocked black puffer jackets and baggy tan pants.

Last night, the two were on a date in New York, and someone – presumably Emily tipped off the paparazzi about their date. When Pete pulled up in his car to pick up Emily, he saw the paparazzi and sped off, leaving Emily stranded.

Media Take Out learned that Emily was forced to go back inside, and order an Uber to take her home.

Most recently, Davidson was in a relationship with “The Kardashians” star Kim Kardashian. The two became a couple after Kardashian hosted “Saturday Night Live” in October 2021, and after weeks of claiming they were just friends, they confirmed their relationship in November 2021.

Davidson and Kardashian endured hardships during the early days of their relationship, when Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kanye “Ye” West, began making comments about their relationship, going as far as including a cartoon version of Davidson in one of his music videos.

It appears toyboy is catching up to these divorcees’ game of using him for rebound and clout. Emily should go and find a hobby if she always wants to be talked about or go on dates. Howard Stern is clearly loving the attention Pete is getting. The only concern is, Howard’s d*** is relatively smaller.

This is the video of Pete Davidson driving off and leaving attention-seeking Emily Ratajkowski behind:

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