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Pete Davidson And Emily Ratajkowski Call It Quits Barely 2 Months Of Dating

Pete Davidson And Emily Ratajkowski Step Out In Matching Outfits For His 29th Birthday Celebration

It’s been one minute since Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski started dating and as expected, their relationship is over and Emily has moved on to her dream of dating numerous women and men. Interestingly, Pete was not admitted into the asylum this time but has also moved on to actress Chase Sui Wonders.

For those of you hoping that Pete and EmRatta walk down the aisle and did not realize the shenanigans from EmRatta right from the beginning, she is down and has downloaded a dating app and got lots of women inboxing her, while she continues to go on dates with different men.

And since Pete cannot also keep his big d— to himself for even a second, he is going strong with his co-star Chase Sui Wonders.

Via Media Take Out;

New reports claim that Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski have already called it quits.

“They’re fling has moved into the friends zone,” a source told Page Six, adding, that that’s “fine with both of them.”

The couple reportedly started dating in November. Later that month, Emily was seen on a date with DJ Orazio Rispo. Emily was recently pictured with artist Jack Greer and Pete has reportedly moved on to actress Chase Sui Wonders.

Emily has made it clear to the world that she is single.

On a recent episode of her “High Low” podcast, she said: “I just downloaded an app, you guys. And set up a profile, adding that she was enjoying being a “free, independent, single woman.”

“I had a glass of wine and I was like, ‘F— it.’ I actually was feeling defiant because so many people told me not to get it. … I have gotten a few direct requests from women, which is exciting,” she said.

And just as y’all know, we can see the end of Pete’s new relationship just like all the others, even before it starts. The dude’s d— must be hurting these women.

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