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OnlyFans Model Celine Powell And Summer Walker Are Beefing Over BMF’s Lil Meech

OnlyFans Model Celine Powell And Summer Walker Are Beefing Over BMF's Lil Meech

Celebrity wannabe Celina Powell and Summer Walker both 27 are reportedly beefing over 23-year-old BMF lead character Lil Meech and I’m grossed out.

Summer Walker and Lil Meech’s not-so-private relationship was outed last week after the duo were seen in public together and also shared images of themselves on their respective Instagram handles. After Summer and Lil Meech’s relationship became public, Celine Powell took to her Instagram to label herself as Meech’s girlfriend. And even shared a link to her OnlyFans account of an explicit video involving Meech and her to confirm her alleged relationship claims.

Celine has dated numerous celebrities over the years, and the obsession with Meech is just too disgusting to ignore. Considering both Summer and Celine are mothers and older than these young stars.

VladTV Reports;

Social media influencer Celina Powell has been linked to various rappers and entertainers over the years, including Snoop Dogg, Offset, and DJ Akademiks. Now, she’s stirring controversy by linking herself to Lil Meech after it appears that the “BMF” star is dating Summer Walker.

Summer took over Lil Meech’s Instagram Stories on Monday (May 1), even wearing a BMF chain and hanging out with Lil Meech. As many people on social media took the posts as confirmation that the two stars are indeed dating, Celina Powell surfaced on her Instagram Stories, wearing a BMF chain. 

Celina also interestingly used Summer’s “I’ll Kill You” track in the background of her post, and she followed up by telling her followers to watch an explicit video of her and Lil Meech on her OnlyFans.

Lil Meech is a 23-year-old young actor; if anything, Summer Walker should be a mentor, especially when she already has three kids. They will keep harassing Meech with their selfish interests until he has more kids than he can count and jeopardize his career in return.

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