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One Of 2Pac’s Ex-girlfriends, Desiree Smith, Confirms That The Late Rapper F**ed Faith Evans

One Of 2Pac's Ex-girlfriends, Desiree Smith, Confirms That The Late Rapper F**ed Faith Evans

So the rumors that the late rapper 2Pac f***ed Faith Evans are true? Well, one of 2Pac‘s numerous ex-girlfriends Desiree Smith has confirmed that the legendary rapper and Faith exchanged fluids.

According to Desiree, 2Pac confirmed to her and since he never lied to her while they were dating, she believes it. 2Pac was loved by a lot of women including Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith—and I can say he’s the reason why Jada doesn’t love Will Smith.

Jada prefers a dead 2Pac to Will Smith!

Faith Evans has yet to say a word about Desiree Smith’s confirmation but we know she won’t dare cough about it to drag things further.

Media Take Out reports:

Desiree Smith, one of Tupac’s ex-girlfriends, did an interview with ‘The Art of Dialogue’ earlier this year. And now, months later, a specific clip from the episode – involving Pac and Faith Evans is going viral.

There’s been speculation for decades on whether Tupac slept with his friend-turned-foe Notorious B.I.G.’s wife, Faith Evans. Now someone claiming to have first-hand knowledge on the situation is speaking out.

In the clip shared on social media, Desiree claims that Pac 100% slept with Faith. She said, “He called me and he’s like, ‘I did it.’ And I’m like, ‘What? What you did?’ He’s like, ‘That btch just left my hotel.’ I was like, ‘What?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I f**ed Faith.’”

Desiree adds, “I can say this. That man ain’t never lied to me one day in his life. I’ve never caught him in a lie. Good, bad or indifferent. He always kept it real with me. So, I don’t see why he would lie ever on his d***.”

“It was a little crazy because—and I don’t mean this literally, but I guess, once they left, he was excited, but he did make this comment where he was like, ‘I just signed my soul to the devil”, said Smith.

Commonly known as Dez, she added: “It was the only person that rocked with him when everybody else that he had made money with, did business with, pretty much turned they back. Jada [Pinkett Smith] tried to get some of the money, but she didn’t have all the money to get him out of there, so, it was his relief.”

2Pac was great in those days and since women love to be around men with fame, power, money, and influence, Desiree Smith’s confirmation could be true, unless 2Pac lied on his d*** for reasons best known to him in his grave.

Here is a clip of Desiree Smith letting the world know that 2Pac b-nked the hell out of Faith Evans:

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