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Ogidi Brown Hospitalised & In A Critical Condition After Signing His New Artist With Schnapp & Eggs

Ghanaian musician and CEO of OGB Music, Ogidi Brown, who was in the news a few months ago for signing a new artist, Cryme Officer, with Schnapp and eggs has been hospitalised for 8 days.

Ogidi Brown is currently in a critical condition and has called on the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo and all Ghanaians to celebrate him before whiles he is still alive.

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It seems Ogidi Brown wants a music award nomination, probably the VGMAs or 3Music Awards judging from what he wrote on his social media pages.

Ogidi Brown lamented that he commercialised his music in 2016 and has spent a lot of money investing in his craft and helping other young musicians and yet no one has honoured him for his contributions to the music industry.

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Sick and emotional Ogidi Brown lamented on his Instagram page that;

“Celebrate me today, talk about me today, post my picture on social media today and wish me well, pray for me everywhere, Tv and Radio, i want to see this live, Dont let me die before my family will see you were a big fan, I’ve been admitted at hospital for 8days in serious condition, Mr President, Nana Akufo Addo @nakufoaddo this is Ogidibrown, a Ghanaian hiplife/highlife musician. Am the only physically challenged artiste in a wheelchair trying to build the hope of others to know disability is not an excuse, Mr President my problem is Ghana music authorities are cheating me too much, i started doing music commercially from 2016 and I’ve invested alot in music, but i haven’t been nominated before, please i want you to reward me before i die, thank you Mr President thank you Ghana”.

Ogidi Brown says he doesn’t want to die before he’s honoured and celebrated by Ghanaians, he is living now and wants some accolades and recognition before death comes for him. This is a sad letter to Ghanaians.

We wish Ogidi Brown a speedy recovery.

Ogidi Brown Hospitalised & In Critical Condition After Signing His New Artist With Schnapp & Eggs
Ogidi Brown hospitalised

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