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Offset Denies Being Punched By Quavo At The Grammys – Says “Y’all Are Crazy”

Offset Denies Being Punched By Quavo At The Grammys - Says "Y'all Are Crazy"

Offset just called Quavo his brother after months of back-and-forth. The rapper also debunked the rumors that he was punched by his brother while trying to force his way onto the Grammys stage to perform with him. According to Offset, the reports are false and reporters and all the so-called witnesses are crazy.

The former Migos rapper did not give any details as to what really transpired; rather, he deemed the rumors false and nothing to go by. Offset and his brother Quavo were having issues way before Takeoff’s passing in November last year. The estranged brothers promised to join forces in memory of Takeoff but have not made any move to that effect until the Grammys brouhaha.

Except for his tribute to Takeoff, Quavo has been oddly mute on social. The rapper has not even commented on the claims that he punched his brother at the Grammys before stepping on the stage to perform his tribute song to his late nephew.

Media Take Out Reports;

Offset is denying reports that he and Quavo physically fought at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards.

After TMZ reported that Offset and Quavo, got into “a physical fight and had to be pulled apart” before Quavo’s tribute to Takeoff, Offset hopped online to dispel the rumors.

“What tf look like fight my brother,” tweeted Offset. “Y’all n-ggas is crazy,” he added.

TMZ initially reported that The Grammys asked for Quavo and Offset to perform together, but “Quavo refused to let him take part,” and that “Quavo blocked Offset from joining him on stage … leading to the melee. The publication also claims that “it was NOT Offset who started the fight.”

During an episode of the Big Facts podcast weeks before Takeoff’s murder, Quavo appeared to throw shade at Offset.

“We gon’ stand on loyalty. We stand on the real deal, real deal loyalty, and sometimes that sh-t ain’t displayed. This ain’t got nothing to do with no label, no paperwork, no [Quality Control Music], nothing. This got something to do with the three brothers. And sh-t, it is what it is. Right now, we gon’ be the duo ’til time tell.”

If the fight is false, I will be particularly happy. I’m rooting for these brothers to let go of their silly wh-re issues and get into the studios.

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