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Nyla Murrell Aka ‘Prison Bae’ Released From Prison And Gets Over $200K In Donations From Suitors

Nyla Murrell Aka 'Prison Bae' Released From Prison And Gets Over $200K In Donations From Suitors

Nyla Murrell went viral in a video while in prison serving time for stabbing a 17-year- old girl over a minor misunderstanding. Well, crazy enough, the internet loves her and named her Prison Bae due to her looks.

While young people come out of prison for such crimes and become helpless with society’s stigmatization, Prison Bae is released and she had men send her over $200K to start all over again.

Meanwhile, her victim had been left disabled for life and currently suffering from collapsed lungs and permanent nerve damage.

Via Media Take Out;

22-year-old Nyla Tomeka Murrell-French, who went viral last year as ”Prison Bae” when images of her in looking beautiful while incarcerated leaked, has been released from prison today, Media Take Out has confirmed.

And immediately upon release Nyla is getting PAID. According to one of the social media reports, men have been flooding her cash app account with thousands of dollars. Media Take Out is hearing that she may have amassed as much as $250,000 from simps, we mean “suitors.”

When Murrell-French was 19, she was sentenced to seven years in prison for stabbing a 17-year-old girl in the neck leaving her with a collapsed lung and permanent nerve damage during a physical altercation at a gas station in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The victim survived but suffered serious injuries, and Murrell-French cried at sentencing while accepting her fate telling the court she was “very remorseful for the mistake” she made.

She served out her time, and as of this morning … she’s a free woman. Expect her to be on Instagram any minute now.

While Nyla deserves a second chance at life just like us all, violence can be damaging so maybe just think twice
before pulling weapons just because your ego got bruised.

Here are some photos of Prison Bae Nyla Murrell:

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