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Nicki Minaj Slams TikToker Who Claims Her Son Papa Bear’s Name Is Jacob

Nicki Minaj Slams TikToker Who Claims Her Son Papa Bear's Name Is Jacob

Nicki Minaj and a TikToker are dragging each other because of Nicki’s 2-year-old son’s name. According to the TikToker by the user name @whomamagonecheckme2, she’s positive Nicki’s kid nicknamed Papa Bear is Jacob. She went ahead to share a seeming excitement over a celebrity giving a normal name to their kid.

Nicki who has had a sh-ty public image over the course of her career perhaps is trying to keep her minor kid from the media despite the numerous images available. She replied to the TikToker claiming Jacob is not Papa Bear’s name and claimed the TikToker is using the faux for clout.


Well, @whomamagonecheckme2 slammed back claiming all her other videos did better than the one she mentioned Nicki. So Nicki dares not call her a famewh-re despite the clear indication that she is a clout chaser.

Well, Nicki Minaj did not respond again but she is on her page still ranting as expected of her.


XXL Reports:

Nicki Minaj’s son’s name is still a mystery to the public and that has only added to the speculation of what the child’s name might be. The Queen rhymer recently responded to a rumor that her kid’s name is Jacob.

On Sunday (Nov. 6), TikTok user @whomamagonecheckme2 shared a clip on the video-hosting service where she posited the name of Nicki Minaj’s 2-year-old boy. The video is scored with Nicki’s hit single “Super Freaky Girl” and has a backdrop of a photo of Nicki and Papa Bear—the nickname Nicki has given the toddler. Overlayed on top of the video are the words “Jacob ‘Papa Bear’ Petty.

Nicki Minaj apparently caught wind of the post and responded in the comments on Wednesday (Nov. 9).

“That’s definitely not his name but at least you got some views & likes, right?” Nicki typed.

@whomamagonecheckme2 clapped back at Nicki’s assertion that the video was a clout-chasing move.

“Hey Nicki, before I show a video as a Barb, I don’t need to say your name for views,” she noted in a follow-up video. “That video didn’t break half-a-million. Only 44,000 likes. But I got 60 million views this month.”

She then played a clip from a video where Nicki Minaj appears to call Papa Bear “Jacob.”

“Nicki, it’s all love, but don’t say I made that up out of nowhere. Definitely didn’t do it for clout,” the TikTok user concluded

Nicki Minaj gave birth to her first child, with husband Kenneth Petty, on Sept. 30, 2020. It took two weeks before she revealed she had a boy, whom she affectionally nicknamed Papa Bear.

Well, although Nicki practically denied Papa Bear being Jacob, the TikToker is pretty positive, so we can be using both names, for now, until Nicki is ready to let go of her fame scandals and provide her adorable kid’s name.

Watch @whomamagonecheckme2 disclose the supposed name of Papa Bear:


Her response after Nicki called her a clout chaser for lying!


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