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Nick Cannon’s Baby Mama Number 9 LaNisha Cole Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors

Nick Cannon's Baby Mama Number 9 LaNisha Cole Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors

Nick Cannon‘s dramatic baby mama #9, LaNisha Cole is out to debunk rumors that she is pregnant again, a few months after having Nick’s baby number 12. Fans started the rumor after they realized that the model has added a few pounds.

However, LaNisha says, she is not pregnant, rather, she is too busy working and tending to her baby Onyx that she does not have the time to exercise and shed the baby ponds. Calm down folks, she is no more going out with Nick to get pregnant so soon.

LaNisha got pregnant with Nick’s child and realized shortly that Nick is full of sh-t, so she started dating Bryan Paul Kuba with the pregnancy. The model constantly blasts Nick Cannon and his other baby mamas during and after her pregnancy, claiming that Nick is not as supportive as his other baby mamas make him appear on social media.

Via Page Six;

LaNisha Cole – who gave birth to Nick Cannon’s ninth baby, daughter Onyx, in the fall – is shutting down rumors she’s got another bun in her oven.

“No I’m not pregnant again,” the model-actress wrote via her Instagram Story on Thursday.

“You guys are so used to SnapBack culture that you can’t let a woman be at peace with not losing her baby weight in a week.”

Cole, 40, acknowledged that her “body is bigger” but informed her fans she is “not in any rush to lose the weight” because she knows “it’ll come off in due time.”

“You guys are so used to SnapBack culture that you can’t let a woman be at peace with not losing her baby weight in a week,” she told her Instagram followers Thursday.Instagram/@misslanishacole.

“I haven’t been working out like I used to just because I’ve been busy taking care of the empress and working,” the art aficionado elaborated, reminding her followers that she is “a new mom” with “so many other things that are more of a priority” than the number she sees on her scale.

“I’ll work out again when [Onyx] allows me to ,” she concluded.Enlarge Image

Cole and Cannon, 42, shocked the world when they announced Onyx’s arrival in September 2022.

At the time, the TV host gushed over the first-time mom, calling her “one of the most guileless, peaceful and nonconfrontational kind souls.”

However, the “Price Is Right” alum – who appears to be dating movie producer Brian Paul Kuba – has not posted photos of Cannon since their baby girl’s church dedication last October

Instead, she’s taken a few shots at the father of 12.

“[Onyx] is incredibly blessed and is surrounded by so much love — and it’s not fake IG photo op love,” Cole cryptically wrote via her Instagram Story after the media personality posted holiday snaps with his other children, whom he co-parents with five other women.

The model-actress went on to note that her daughter receives “real day in and day out love.”

Days later, Cole shared a message about “leaving toxic relationships” following “unnecessary pain and heartbreak,” telling critics, “Calling me baby mama #538 every time I say the sky is blue is uncalled for and it’s getting old.”

40-year-old LaNisha ignored the fact that Nick was sl-ting with all American women and slept with him and even got pregnant, just to come and whine online about how terrible Nick is. I want to believe that Cole is not pregnant, but she is known for making bad choices, so I will keep my options open.

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