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Nick Cannon’s Baby Mama LaNisha Cole Blasts His Other Baby Mamas For Portraying Him As A Good Father On Social Media

Nick Cannon's Baby Mama LaNisha Cole Blasts His Other Baby Mamas For Portraying Him As A Good Father On Social Media

Just three months after having Nick Cannon’s 11th baby, LaNisha Cole has taken to Instagram to shade the comedian and downgrade his social media awesome father image and also call out his other baby mamas.

While two of Nick’s baby mamas Bre Tiesi and Abby De Rosa have posted Christmas images of themselves and Nick on Instagram, LaNisha says her pregnancy journey and post-birth journey have been a struggle with only his boyfriend Bryan Paul Kuba by her side.

Implying that Nick has been nothing but an absentee father. According to 40-year-old LaNisha, the images being posted by her other baby mamas are fake!

When netizens accused LaNisha of giving a bitter baby mama vibe, she responded by claiming she is opening up about her struggles as a single mother.

Via Media Take Out;

Nick Cannon’s baby-mama no. 9, model LaNisha Cole, appeared to shade Nick after two of his other baby-mamas shared their Christmas pics online – Media Take Out has learned.

It all started after Bre Tiesi and Abby De LaRosa shared their pics on Instagram stories.

After Nick’s Christmas pics circulated online LaNisha shared a post thanking everyone for their kind messages while claiming her baby receives REAL love everyday, not fake IG love.

Folks all across social media began blasting LaNisha, and claiming that she was being a messy baby’s mama. LaNisha was then forced to respond. She wrote this:

Some of you already saw this on my story but I wanted to share this here too. I’m opening up a bit more about my personal life and with that you all have shared your stories with me.

This time of year is hard on so many people but I hope to give y’all a safe space to vent and/or share your experiences with heartbreak and overcoming difficulties on your journey- especially as single moms 🙏🏾❤️

Maybe you have some words of encouragement for some of these women.. or maybe you can offer a prayer for them. You can also share your story via DM and I’ll use it in an upcoming post. God bless you and thank you for opening up to me. You’ve got this Queens! We’ve got this together.

Getting pregnant for Nick Cannon at 40 and shamelessly whining about being a single mother on Instagram is wild a**f—.

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