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Nick Cannon Leaves His Numerous Baby Mamas At Home And Parties With His Ex-girlfriend, Jessica White, In A Strip Club

Nick Cannon's Ex-girlfriend, Jessica White, About To Become One Of His Baby Mamas As They Were Spotted In A Strip Club Together

Father of 10 Nick Cannon with several unborn babies on the way, hits the strip club over the weekend for a Halloween celebration.

Interestingly, Nick left all his 8 baby mamas at home and stepped out with his ex-girlfriend Muse Jessica White. And I am uncomfortable with that.

Nick being Nick, Jessica may be in line to be the next baby mama after the Halloween celebrations. The dude’s pull-out game is nothing to write home about and these b-tches don’t mind at all.

People with real partners had their lovers with them for the holidays, some in matching costumes, others in different costumes but with the same concept.

Meanwhile, Nick Cannon spent his holiday with no one but an ex-partner leaving the numerous babies and their mothers to their fate.

The fact that Jessica is boldly being Nick’s plus-one at parties baffles me. Upon all these bunches of wh-res, is she still open to rekindling their on-and-off relationship? Damn! These ladies are full of sh-ts.

Page Six reports:

Nick Cannon and his on-again, off-again ex girlfriend muse Jessica White hit up the strip club for Halloween.

The duo partied at New York’s Upper East Side jiggle joint Sapphire 60, where Cannon hosted a costume party on Sunday.

Cannon’s “Wild n’ Out” co-star Justina Valentine also joined the former couple for the after-dark spooky bash.

Cannon donned a demonic clown costume and was “throwing dollars in the air for hours as hot costumed revelers danced on the pole. It felt like he was interviewing for potential future baby mamas,” a spy quipped. (Cannon has had 10 kids with six women.)

Meanwhile, a jiggle joint insider told us the former talk show host took his Halloween hosting duties seriously, describing him as the “best emcee host ever!”

“He was on the mic the whole time, cracking jokes every second. He really was amazing,” they said.

Customers and entertainers faced off in a costume contest where they were able to win a $5,000 cash prize for best look. Cannon “even handled and emceed the whole contest… He introduced each one and named the winners,” the insider added.

Valentine danced on the pole and Cannon served as her hype man, “shouting her out on he mic,” the spy said

.It still felt like love was in the air for him and former girlfriend White. He played Usher’s “Bad Girl” and we’re told he shouted White out and dedicated the song to her.

White was so moved by the evening that our spy overheard her saying she wants to plan a Valentine’s Day party there with Cannon.

How romantic.

We’re told Cannon and White arrived and left together.

Jessica White could be graduating from ex-girlfriend to baby mama in the coming months.

Here are photos of Nick Cannon and Jessica White partying together:

Nick Cannon's Ex-girlfriend, Jessica White, About To Become One Of His Baby Mamas As They Were Spotted In A Strip Club Together

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