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Nia Long Reveals She Dated A 30-Year-Old Man While She Was Still A Teenager

Nia Long Reveals She Dated A 30-Year-Old Man While She Was Still A Teenager

Nia Long has had terrible relationships all her life, in fact, the 52-year-old has never been married and the closest she got to settling down was with Maasai Z. Dorsey and the recently suspended Bolton Celtic’s coach Ime Udoka.

Nia in an interview disclosed that when she was a teenager in high school, she ditched all her agemates and dated a 30-year-old man. Nia did not disclose if that has contributed to her many unhealthy relationships, but clearly, it has.

A few months after Ime Udoka’s public humiliation, the actress is rumored to be dating Cory Hardrict. Hopefully, Cory is her ultimate better choice.

Via Media Take Out;

Actress Nia Long is known three things, her beauty, her acting skills, and her inability to maintain a healthy relationship with a man.

Yesterday an old clip of Nia Long went viral, and it may have given some insight into why Nia has struggled in her relationships with men – bad choices maybe?

Nia Long, during the 1990s, was the long-term side piece to NBA player Chris Webber. She then dated a number of famous men – none of whom claimed Nia publicly. Eventually Nia settled down, and entered into a long-term relationship with former NBA player Maasai Z. Dorsey. the two welcomed a son into the world – but were never married.

And of course, we all know what happened with her last relationship, with Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka.

Media Take Out learned that in the clip, Nia explains that while in high school, she dated a 30 year old man. Nia claims that the much older man – who was originally from Oman, Jordan – asked her mom’s permission to date the teenage Nia.

And surprisingly Nia’s mom agreed, and gave the man HER BLESSING, Media Take Out learned.

Under California Law, where Nia grew up, it is illegal for a man to enter into a physical relationship with a girl under the age of seventeen. Nia did not disclose her age at the time the two dated.

Also surprisingly, Nia does not (in retrospect) think that there was anything wrong with her dating an adult man when she was in high school.

Nia Long in her teen dated older men. In her 50s, she is dating men younger than her. It’s been quite a journey.

Here is a clip of Nia Long revealing her old dating secrets:

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