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Nia Long Hops On Her IG Story To Subtly Talk About Ime Udoka Cheating On Her With Another Woman

Nia Long Hops On Her IG Story To Subtly Talk About Ime Udoka Cheating On Her With Another Woman

Nia Long is obviously thinking about whether to dump Ime Udoka‘s a** for cheating on her with a start member of the Boston Celtics or forgive and take back his cheating a**. If I were Nia, I would have dumped him and moved on with my life—but since she’s not me, I guess she’ll take him back once he apologizes.

In the wake and heat of Ime Udoka cheating on Nia Long with another woman, Nia has something to say about the cheating scandal but she’s going about it the way famous people do it. She’s probably waiting for one giant media house to drop some cash in her bank account before directly coughing about the scandal. All the best to her!

According to Total Pro Sports;

A cryptic video appeared Wednesday on Nia Long’s Instagram Story, which happened to be the same day Celtics coach Ime Udoka was accused of engaging in an “improper intimate and consensual relationship” with a female staff member, according to The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

The video below features sunlight hitting the trees in a lush forest with an accompanying message that focuses on finding light after “darkness.”

“When you see people change their whole life and start walking down a path of enlightenment, hugging trees, connecting with nature, loving themselves, embracing positivity, letting that light shine, understand one thing: that light that you see, understand one thing about that light: they had to go into the darkness to get it. No shadow, no light, know shadow, know light,” the video said.

Ime Udoka has been suspended for the rest of the season for f***ing a staff member.

Udoka is said to be in violation of the organization’s code of conduct over the apparent romance with an unnamed staffer.

He has since been suspended for the entire upcoming season.

Here is Nia Long’s cryptic post on her Instagram Story:

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