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NFL Star Patrick Mahomes And His Wife Brittany Mahomes Welcome Their Second Child

NFL Star Patrick Mahomes And His Wife Brittany Mahomes Welcome Their Second Child

The Mahomes family has one addition to their family of 3. Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes II and his wife Brittany Mahomes welcomed their second child and shared the news with the public with an Instagram post.

The couple has about one and a half-year-old daughter Sterling Syke who has been joined by a baby brother. The newborn has added to Patrick’s impressive achievements during recent matches and it is all joy for the Mahomes.

In the picture with branded Mahomes bedspread and a bronze chain with the bundle of joy’s feet, the couple shared the name of the infant as Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III.

Via Total Pro Sports;

The Mahomes family just got bigger.

On Monday, it was announced that Brittany Mahomes had given birth to the married couple’s secodn child.

“Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III”

Brittany Mahomes was still attending game days with daughter Sterling Skye, 20 months, to cheer on husband Patrick Mahomes as they awaited the birth of their second baby.

She was at the game where the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Los Angeles Chargers. The Kansas City Current co-owner was happy to cheer her husband on in the victory.

Now the couple just racked up another W.

The new couple has always been elated about the new addition, with Brittany posting n-de maternity photoshoots on Instagram.

Now that the new seemingly Kansas City Chiefs star is here, the excitement remains the same, and Patrick is branding him, his mini-self.

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