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NFL Player Aaron Rodgers Dating 26-Year-Old Rich Kid Mallory Edens

NFL Player Aaron Rodgers Dating 26-Year-Old Rich Kid Mallory Edens

NFL player Aaron Rodger did not waste time grieving about his ex-partner Blu of Earth but he has moved right on to the next.

Reports say Aeron is currently dating the 26-year-old daughter of Wes Edens, Milwaukee Bucks owner. The lady name Mallory Edens has been in love with Aaron even while he was dating so his breakup was a perfect opportunity for her to hop in and it worked perfectly although Aaron never considered a romantic relationship with her because of her age.

Via Total Pro Sports;

Rodgers is said to now be dating Mallory Edens, the daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner Wes Edens. The two had been friends for a while and have attended several Bucks games together.

While they have been close for years, it’s misunderstood that Rodgers wasn’t interested in pursuing a romantic endeavor as he felt Mallory was too young. However, he is believed to have developed feelings for her after breaking up with Blu.

“Well it has finally happened. Mallory Edens has had her eye on Aaron Rodgers for a very long time,” a source was quoted as saying. “Mallory has always wanted to be in the public eye. It looks like she might’ve found her ticket. Mallory was at the Packers last game, and she was supporting her new boyfriend and favorite team by wearing their gear. Nothing says I’m all in like throwing on your boyfriend’s teams’ gear.”

Mallory, 26, has a very decent following on Instagram (213K), but we imagine that number will balloon given her association with the QB. A quick look at her page will reveal multiple racy photos too.

Hopefully, this is not a way for Mallory to get some more followers on Instagram but some meaningful relationships. These folks never disappoint with their attention-seeking antics.

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