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Newly-wedded Couple, Xandy Kamel And Husband Probably Couldn’t Afford A Honeymoon As They’ve Resumed Work And Working Like Bulls

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Once you dump your tradition and goes the Western style of tying the knot with the love of your life, it’s expected that you complete it by going on a honeymoon──somewhere serene outside from your home to have a nice and wonderful time together as a couple.

Fans of actress Xandy Kamel and husband, Kaninja, were expecting them to go on a honeymoon after their wedding ceremony but that never happened.

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To the surprise of many, Xandy Kamel and husband, Kaninja, who are staff of Angel Broadcasting Network resumed work immediately after their wedding ceremony.

Could it be that their employers refused to grant them permission to go on a honeymoon or they couldn’t afford it?

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Since Ghana has closed its borders as a result of coronavirus pandemic, their fans were expecting them to choose one of the 5-star hotels in Ghana for their honeymoon but that never happened.

Xandy Kamel and husband, Kaninja have started appearing on Angel TV and working like bulls as if there is nothing known as honeymoon after a wedding ceremony.

Coronavirus pandemic has rendered many employees jobless so you dare not play with your job. Xandy Kamel and husband, Kaninja could’ve chosen work over honeymoon over fears of losing their jobs.

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