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Ne-Yo’s Pregnant Side-chick Sade Speaks Following His Wife Crystal Renay’s Divorce Filing

Ne-Yo's Pregnant Side-chick Sade Speaks Following His Wife Crystal Renay's Divorce Filing

43-year-old R&B singer Ne-Yo has messed up his marriage of 8 years by getting his side-chick, an Instagram model named Sade, pregnant. Upon hearing the news, Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Renay ignored the fact that they had four kids together, just like Ne-Yo did when he was cheating with the wh-re, and immediately filed for divorce.

While Ne-Yo and his wife are still going through the divorce process, Sade took to Instagram to celebrate her pregnancy and also made known her joy of permanently getting linked to the R&B singer, financially and relationship-wise.

Well, social media folks did not share in her joy, but called her for what she is, a gold digger and a home wrecker. However, the negativity was too much for Sade so she had to turn off her comment section.

Via Media Take Out;

R&B singer Neyo’s wife Crystal filed to divorce him earlier this year, after the singer allegedly got his side chick pregnant.

Well now the side chick is speaking out, and what she has to say is getting people pretty worked up on social media.

According to the side chick, a beautiful IG model named Sade, she “took a load” that Neyo meant for his wife. That sounds about right to us ….

Sade wrote a philosophical essay on IG, where she described why she decided to get pregnant by a married man. Sade wrote, “Coming to terms with the delicate circumstances, when I felt like I just couldn’t take on another load, especially at the expense of another persons happiness.”

And there’s more. She explained, “[It] wasn’t the easiest decision. However, I have to choose me.”

When Sade initially posted this on IG, the comments were flooded with people calling her a home wrecker. Eventually she shut off the comments.

However, Ne-Yo deserves the hate as much as Sade. The dude stepped on his marriage, but the wh-re was just doing what every Instagram model does for survival and attention.

I’m glad Crystal is not hanging around and tolerating Ne-Yo’s sh-t.

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