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NDC Leaders Know They Cannot Win 2020 Elections – Former President Rawlings

The Founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and former President of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings has emphatically stated that the leaders of NDC know they cannot win 2020 polls.

Jerry John Rawlings said this during the party’s Cadre’s conference at Ejisu in the Ashanti region Saturday.

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According to Rawlings, “some people have bought leadership positions in the party when they know they cannot win the elections next year”.

“For a Cadres meeting to be taking place, if we cannot do a serious indent examination of our strength and weakness then it is not a real Cadres meeting. It’s nice to hear your determination towards 2020 victory, and yes there are some among us in the leadership who initially didn’t think after four years you can wrestle power from these people. And yet, if I may speak frankly, have gone ahead and almost purchased the power of this party into the pocket and claiming to be aiming into 2020 when I know and some of you should know that their aim is not really towards 2020.

Because it is not easy to wrestle power from these people in their so-called mid-term strike but that natural drift could, may and will come possibly after 8 years. Meanwhile, you have secured 2020 out of the way for yourself, so you will be there knowing down well that you are just using it as a transit when you know 2024 is your target,” Rawlings said.

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