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NBA YoungBoy Says He’s Getting Married To His Fiancé Jazlyn Mychelle In 2023

NBA YoungBoy Says He's Getting Married To His Fiancé Jazlyn Mychelle In 2023

NBA YoungBoy may be done sleeping around with several women and making babies and dramas.

YoungBoy although currently engaged to his latest baby mama Jazlyn Mychelle complained about loneliness during a live section on Instagram.

When his fans suggest he joins Onlyfans and make some money with his d***, the rapper jumped in and declared that his wedding is set for January 7th, 2023.

YoungBoy’s reactions after he mistakenly spilled the beans suggest that indeed he is ready to walk down the aisle with his fiancé Jazlyn Mychelle and stop f—ing around with all her baby mamas and wh-res.

Via XXL;

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is reportedly getting married very soon.

According to a tweet by Daily Rap Facts, posted on Sunday (Dec. 4), NBA YoungBoy reportedly revealed that he’s getting married in a couple of days. The Louisana rapper is engaged to his fiancée Jazlyn Mychelle, who is the mother of their two children: 1-year-old daughter Love Alice Gaulden and their 2-month-old newborn

XXL has reached out to NBA YoungBoy’s rep for comment.

Last month, while NBA YoungBoy was on Instagram Live, he inadvertently revealed that he’s going to get married in January of 2023. While chatting with his fans, apparently the “Purge Me” rapper said that he was lonely. That’s when someone in the comment section suggested he get on OnlyFans.

NBA YoungBoy appeared offended by the suggestion and in his response, blurted out the date of his nuptials.

“This nigga said OnlyFans,” YB said while speaking to another person who was in the room with him. “I’m getting married January 7. Boy, you can’t pay me $10 million to get on muthafuckin’ OnlyFans, nigga. You crazy.”

“I was jocein’, I was jocein’, bih,” he continued. “You can’t pay me 10 mill to get on no muthafuckin’ OnlyFans. I’m lonely ’cause I ain’t got no fans. Everybody stop liking me, son. So what I’m supposed to do?”

If the marriage rumors are true, it would cap off an exciting and productive year for the 23-year-old rhymer. In 2022, NBA YoungBoy dropped several projects including, The Last Slimento3800 Degrees and Ma’ I Got a Family.

YoungBoy is a father of 10 kids, including 1 adopted child. The dude is just 23 and he is competing with 42-year-old Nick Cannon already.

Here is the video of NBA Youngboy revealing his marriage plans:

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