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NBA Youngboy Baby Mamas

NBA Youngboy baby mamas

Louisiana-based rapper Kentrell Gaulden popularly known in the media space as NBA Youngboy welcomed his 10th child on 28th September.

He shared a picture on his Twitter page feeding the fresh baby with the caption” we got left today for a little but it cool”. This will be the rapper’s second child with fiancée Jaclyn Mycelle as the couple welcomed a girl last year.

Rumors also making rounds indicates he has putten another set of six women in a family way who are actually due for delivery in the next couple of months.

The rapper who is said to have had her first child at the very young age of 17 currently has eight baby mamas including one with famous boxer Mayweather’s daughter.

According to the reports gathered these are the names of Youngboy’s kids and their mothers:

  • Kayden is the oldest he had him in 2016 with Nisha, he once appeared in a music video with him.
  • Kamiri is the second whom he had in 2017 with Starr Dejanne.
  • Taylin whom he also had with Nia through a one night which later DNA confirmed he was the father.
  • Kacee is the fourth, born in 2019 with Jania Bania.
  • Armani is the fifth which he had with Kayden’s mum Nisha.
  • Kodi Capri born in 2020 to actress Drey Simone.

Kentrell Jr. was born in 2021 to billionaire boxer Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna Mayweather. Iyanna is said to have attacked one of the rapper’s baby mamas with a knife which she ended up in the police grips.

Despite everything Iyanya’s dad Mayweather once revealed in an interview he bears no grudge against the young rapper but wishes he and the daughter the best of luck.

He said ”I’m proud of Youngboy a very very talented kid. One of the biggest artists as far as music is concerned. He’s got a cult-like following. I look at him like one of my sons. I only want the best for him.”

At such a young age of 22 with 10 kids we don’t know whether he’s probably on a mission on breaking the records of the legendary comedian Eddie Murphy and Nick Cannon. The future really seems quite interesting as I am wondering the number of kids he would have at age 40.

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